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Name:Pixel Cuts
Website:Pixel Cuts
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Welcome to Pixel Cuts, a hair resource for TS2 simmers. Here you can check out hairs that have been retextured by various simmers by hair creator, gender, or texture. You can also preview a hair that you are working on to give others a heads-up (and maybe we can avoid 20252342 retextures of the same hair!), post a new hair, or request a hair retexture. Check out the sidebar for a helpful links list. :)

If you have a livejournal, check out our Livejournal community

1. Please post an image no bigger than 600x450.
2. Please link back your journal/site for the actual download--DO NOT post the download here.
3. More information is helpful. For example, posting Peggy Hair 0001 Pooklete'd is far more helpful than Peggy Hair Rextures
4. If possible, please give your hair number with it. For example, Peggy 0001. This is for the sticky post.
4. If you are adding more than one hair retexture, please post all the pictures/links under a cut and be sure to use all the appropriate tags. :)
5. Please use the Tags appropriately, according to what you are doing. Don't abuse them.
6. To tag your username, please use #username.
7. Be polite. We're not twelve here.

1. Show pictures, and give a link to the download
2. Please take a look at the previous requests before making your own. :)
3. DON'T hotlink (this is where you use someone else's image link instead of uploading to your own Photobucket/Tinypic/Imageshack.) It's rude and bad, no matter whom you do it to.
4. Be polite. A person is not obligated to take your request. Everyone has a real life, so please don't be rude about it.
5. Title appropriately. Don't say Retexture please?, say something like Request: Peggy Hair 0001 Nouked
6. When giving your post a title, please use the format Rexture: etc etc etc. You will be asked to edit the post if you do not.
7. Please use the right tag for a request; !request
8. Mods CAN and WILL remove your post. Not if you forget the title, but if you act like a fool. Please use common sense.

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